Development and Investors

Independent maritime expertise to help evaluate logistics, sustainable development and personnel related issues in challenging environments.

Sustainable Development Projects

Defining project goals and technical capabilities are only part of any solution. Less understood, and much harder to achieve, is the need for consensus and support amongst local parties to ensure those goals can be reached in ways that actually work and are durable in the long term.

We are not technical experts. However, we have many years of experience working successfully on the ground in challenging environments to achieve consensus and agreement with local parties. We have methodologies that help us to gain insight and uncover alternative perspectives that can make a real difference in the successful evaluation and implementation of sustainable development goals – for example, putting in place fast infrastructure upgrades to increase port capacity, supporting food security initiatives and boosting local employment.

Our approach is always low key, ground-up, independent and non-partisan, and our services may include:

  • Informal meetings with all interested local stakeholders in order to better understand their local perspectives, concerns, interests and ideas to address the problem
  • Identifying areas of common perception and interest, upon which local solutions could be durably built
  • Preparation of a detailed, formal report that presents these findings in ways that investors or aid donors could work with

Trusted intermediary

Our role in all cases is to act as a trusted intermediary for you and the project’s stakeholders, whilst focusing on the realisation of your sustainable development goals.

Hostage scenarios

We also have considerable first-hand knowledge and experience of handling kidnap-for-ransom situations. We can help you and your personnel to navigate the process and resolve a situation safely, and as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Other Sectors



Front line interventions to minimise off-hire and escalating financial losses, and protect the safety of your personnel.



Lateral thinking, cost-effective options and front line resources to help you deal with sensitive situations, and mitigate claims.



A cost-effective way of exploring strategies informally, and gaining valuable insight and workable options for you and your clients to consider.