Special services

Loss prevention

The benefits of controlling costs through effective loss prevention measures are well known. However, in some parts of the world, the payment of (sometimes very large) fraudulent claims breeds a cycle of corruption and escalating costs. In other places, a reckless approach to recognised standards of good practice puts lives and property at risk.

Arundel Resolution can investigate the non-technical aspects of persistent claims against the transport and insurance industries and help to develop effective strategies to stop these from continuing to happen.

Feasibility studies and capacity building in complex environments

As the world becomes more connected, even remote or politically unstable places become destinations for trade, investment and development initiatives.

We can perform feasibility studies in these hard to reach and sometimes difficult environments, for example, to examine trade opportunities, assess port and logistics development projects, research the sustainability of fisheries and perform corporate social responsibility studies for investors.

Hostage scenarios

In recent years, ship hijacking and kidnapping has become an increasingly big business that seeks to extort ransoms for ships and vulnerable personnel.

The Arundel Resolution team has considerable experience and knowledge of the dynamics of these situations in Somalia, West Africa and the Philippines, and we can help you and your stakeholders to understand and resolve incidents safely, quickly and discreetly.

Sometimes the hardest part of the process is to secure the actual safe handover of hostages and to manage their unimpeded repatriation home. For certain parts of the world, we have developed a discreet and specialist capability to help your negotiating team with this task.




Front line interventions to minimise off-hire and escalating financial losses, and protect the safety of your personnel.



Lateral thinking, cost-effective options and front line resources to help you deal with sensitive situations, and mitigate claims.



A cost-effective way of exploring strategies informally, and gaining valuable insight and workable options for you and your clients to consider.



Independent maritime expertise to help evaluate logistics, development and personnel related issues in challenging environments.