Ship Operators

In the event of extended operational delays from a claim or a trading dispute, or worse, we provide targeted front line interventions to minimise off-hire and escalating financial losses, protect the safety of your personnel, and, where necessary, reassure your stakeholders.

This includes:

  • Front line experience and support for your case management team
  • Another perspective (and second opinion)
  • Local attendance to assess the situation and confirm who are the key decision makers
  • Building coalitions of common interest and providing local focus in order to move things forward
  • Making representations on your behalf – especially when it might not be appropriate for you or your representatives to attend in person
  • Providing options for resolving issues in the quickest, most cost-effective and appropriate way

We understand the nuanced relationships that exist between you and your insurers (P&I, hull and war risk), lawyers, port agents and P&I correspondents. We also know how to work with local lawyers, port authorities, local officials, diplomats and the security and intelligence services.

Trusted intermediary

Our role in all cases is to act as a trusted intermediary whilst seeking to protect your best interests. Our focus will always be on the safety of your personnel, the prompt despatch of your ship and the protection of your reputation.

Piracy and kidnap for ransom

We also have considerable front line experience and knowledge of the dynamics of these situations in Somalia, West Africa and the Philippines, and we know how to navigate them safely, discreetly, and as quickly as possible.

Other Sectors



Lateral thinking, cost-effective options and front line resources to help you deal with sensitive situations, and mitigate claims.



A cost-effective way of exploring strategies informally, and gaining valuable insight and workable options for you and your clients to consider.



Independent maritime expertise to help evaluate logistics, development and personnel related issues in challenging environments.