Our approach

Commercial ship operators and their partners can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations where claimants or local authorities are acting (or seem to be acting) in an unreasonable or even irrational way. Claims can drag on with no end in sight and negotiations can become deadlocked, often in dangerous places where it is difficult for people to travel. The causes of these situations are sometimes hard to find but miscommunication or a reluctance to take decisions, political motives or opportunism often play a part.

Delivering influence at the margin

No two cases are the same, but Arundel Resolution provides a unique combination of knowledge and experience to help you deliver influence at the margin when it matters most. We are used to working in challenging environments where we provide a quick assessment of the situation and identify some cost-effective options for taking matters forward. We always look to build coalitions of common interest in order to generate confidence amongst the parties and achieve win-win outcomes.

We know how to work with local officials, the security and intelligence services, diplomats and academics, and we have an excellent network of worldwide contacts, port agents, logistics companies and security providers.

Measured approach

It is easy to make the situation worse. So our approach is careful and incremental – it is important not to act prematurely before the circumstances are as clear as possible. We have an instinctive understanding of the nuanced relationships within the transport and insurance industries, including between ship owners, P&I Clubs and market insurers, correspondents, agents and third party stakeholders (port authorities, etc.). Wherever possible, we resolve matters discreetly and pragmatically, in a non-partisan and non-confrontational way without displacing your own team and representatives.




Front line interventions to minimise off-hire and escalating financial losses, and protect the safety of your personnel.



Lateral thinking, cost-effective options and front line resources to help you deal with sensitive situations, and mitigate claims.



A cost-effective way of exploring strategies informally, and gaining valuable insight and workable options for you and your clients to consider.



Independent maritime expertise to help evaluate logistics, development and personnel related issues in challenging environments.