We provide lateral thinking and cost-effective, front line options and resources to help you deal with sensitive situations and/or deadlocked and persistent claims, often in places where it is difficult for people to travel.

We appreciate that insurers are experienced in handling complex claims all over the world. Furthermore, they can usually call on the expertise of local agents, correspondents and lawyers to assist. However, occasionally, despite all the resources available, no solution to a problem can be found – claims can escalate, ships can become stuck for lengthy periods, and the health and safety of the crew can be at risk. It is in just these situations that Arundel Resolution can make a difference.

The right time to appoint us will vary from case to case. Once we have been engaged, we will pursue your interests (and those of your insured) discreetly and pragmatically, in a non-partisan and non-confrontational way. We will work closely with your case management team and local representatives, always leaving you in control of your own negotiations.

We understand the nuanced relationships between you and your insureds, your lawyers, correspondents and agents. However, once instructed, we will provide your team with a different perspective on the problem, and our work might then involve the following:

  • Intervention on the ground to understand and further assess the situation
  • Seeking to confirm or identify the key decision makers
  • If necessary, making representations on your behalf – especially in situations where it would not be appropriate for you or your representatives to attend in person
  • Building coalitions of common interest and providing local focus in order to move things forward
  • Providing options for resolving issues in the quickest, most cost-effective and appropriate way
  • Help to sell or dispose of damaged cargo in compliance with local regulations

Trusted intermediary

Our role in all cases is to act as a trusted intermediary whilst seeking to protect your and your insured’s best interests. Our focus is the safety of personnel, and then to resolve a situation and/or mitigate a claim quickly and cost-effectively, and in ways that do not compromise the good relationships that you have with your insured, local representatives and the local authorities.

Other Sectors



Front line interventions to minimise off-hire and escalating financial losses, and protect the safety of your personnel.



A cost-effective way of exploring strategies informally, and gaining valuable insight and workable options for you and your clients to consider.



Independent maritime expertise to help evaluate logistics, development and personnel related issues in challenging environments.